5 Trade Show Booth Ideas For Small Budgets

Not all trade show budgets are large. Most of the trade show budgets are on the smaller side. These 5 trade show booth ideas for small budgets are ideal for beginners.

1. Join In The Outreach

Make sure to get involved in the outreach before the trade show. The more you get involved, the more business you can generate. It won’t take a lot of effort to just show up and greet people and share about your product or services. Have business cards and be prepared to share information about your products and services. If you go about it right you just may find that you have plenty of new customers before the trade show ever starts.

2. Displays

Your display needs to stand out from the crowd. Build a creative display that shows off your product or services. It should stand out from the crowd and show off your creativity. It’s not unusual for businesses to hire someone to do a spectacular display board. Consider bold bright colors that stand out. Be sure to use a tablecloth that reflects this as well.

3. Host A Giveaway

Have a drawing that people sign up for and offer a free product or something that will benefit everyone. It could be a discount on your product or it could be a free product or something else similar in value. You could have a drawing every hour on the hour or twice during the day or event. Whatever works best for you. You could even follow up by capturing email addresses and sending them a newsletter or a small discount code to use if they are at the trade show.

4. Free Swag

Everyone loves freebies! Offer some free swag! Whether it be reusable bags, pens, note pads with your company logo on them, or some other small gift idea, you’re going to be remembered every time that they use their free swag! Some businesses offer free swag for the first 100 or 500 visitors to their booth at the trade show event. Whatever works best for you this method works well and it can help to generate more leads for your business in the future.

5. Employee Interaction

Make sure that all of the employees that are at the trade show are well versed in the business and not afraid to walk up to people and share about the company. The more detailed information that people have on the business the better. Employees should be able to answer nearly any question that is asked of them regarding the company and what it offers.

A final bonus idea is to make sure to follow up on all of the leads that are collected at the trade show. This includes any email addresses, inquiries, and other leads. Follow-up may be done via email or phone call. Make sure to ask if this is a good time to answer their questions if you’re making a phone call. These ideas should help you to improve your business regardless of your budget.

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