10 Interactive Trade Show Booth Ideas

Trade shows are an ideal way to launch a new business service or product. One great way to get people involved is to use some interactive events to help encourage everyone to participate and learn more about your business. These 10 Interactive ideas will go far to helping you launch your new business at the trade show and gain new customers.

1. Play Roulette

Step up and spin the roulette wheel and win some swag. Offer pens with your company name, banners, flags, note pads, or even small miniature product samples or services. Make sure that people leave a name and email address in exchange for spinning the roulette wheel.

2. Have a Cake Walk Type Event

Have a cakewalk-type event and offer goods and services in place of cakes. It can be a fun way to get people up and moving around your booth area. Make sure that you have plenty of space for such an event.

3. Fishbowl Drawing

In exchange for a name and email address, you could have a fishbowl-type drawing and give away some swag. Draw every half hour or hour and choose your winner.

4. Trivia

Play a game of trivia with a small group and give the winner some free swag. Make sure that everyone signs up by giving a name and email address so that you can capture more leads.

5. Contest

Have a small contest and see who can answer the most questions about a topic in 1 minute. This will require a small stack of cards with topics on them and then a list of questions to ask people with a timer. The one who can answer the most questions wins.

6. The Price Is Right

Have several items laying out on the table and a stack of cards with prices. The person who gets the most prices right in a pre-set amount of time is the winner.

7. Rent A Grab Machine

Rent a grab machine and put some sample products in the machine. People can take turns winning a free prize.

8. Board Games

Have a board game designed about your business and have people take turns playing the board game. The winner gets a prize.

9. Pictionary

Have a topic and two artists. The best drawing gets a prize. You could add in several artists to make it more efficient if there are a lot of people.

10. Offer Free Phone Charging For Game Players

While this may not be quite as interactive, game players may continue playing while their phone is charging in an effort to have a fully charged phone.

These ideas are a great launching pad to try to get more people to your booth for the trade show. Use your creativity and make sure to stay within the limits of the rules for your particular trade show. By drawing attention to your booth you’re going to expand your reach to the visitors to the trade show and capture more leads for your business.

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