The History of Trade Shows

According to the history of trade shows, they have been around since BC. Trade shows are nothing more than buyers and sellers congregating together for the purpose of buying and selling goods to one another. More modern trade shows are the direct result of a combination of traditional retail shops and educational exhibitions.

How Trade Shows Started

In this fashion, early salesmen would capitalize on the crowds that the trade shows would draw in to make their sales. This would continue to evolve into such things as street fairs, celebrations, and festivals. Now trade shows would expand and use other names to make them sound even more appealing.

Even the queen herself, Victoria, had an opening celebration for an exhibition. Open for three months, it had over 6 million visitors. The most coveted products here were displayed including musical instruments, pottery, fabrics, perfumes, guns, machinery, and more.

Trade Show Traditions

One of the biggest traditions of trade shows is an oversized prop that stands out. This helps to draw in the crowd and attract more celebrities and well as other customers.

The Crystal Palace is an ideal example of a successful trade show. Over 1850 feet high, and taking over 5000 people to build, it was originally a trade show display. The Crystal Palace was specifically designed as an exhibition and then it was dismantled after the trade show to be relocated. Standing tall in its own new home of South London, it would remain there until 1936.

The Crystal Palace would pave the way for many more trade shows and conventions in the area. As trade shows go, the industry is always evolving. Many are using trade shows to launch new products including such things as video games and tooth implants or dentures.

Product Demonstrations

Trade shows rely on product demonstrations as to how they will improve a person’s life and make it better. Many show people why they “can’t live without” this new product or service.

Trade shows rely on larger-than-life advertising that stands out from the crowd. The goal is to draw attention to the products and services to encourage more sales.

How Trade Shows Have Evolved

Since trade shows have evolved, many things have changed however, one thing that has remained the same is that a trade show is an ideal marketing event that will draw in the crowd. Investors are always looking for a promising product or service to help expand their horizons as well so these are ideal times to help get more funding for products and services.

Today, trade shows are an event that a new business will prepare for many months in advance. They will place focus on a nice display and props that will stand out from the crowd. They have even been known to hire a spokesperson that is very talented in speaking to crowds to help encourage people to purchase or pre-order from the business.

Many businesses focus on trade shows to help expand their customer base and invite more people to try their products and services. Trade shows are the ideal platform for launching new products and services.

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